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How does the schedule for the event work?

The schedule is based on Central time. International time zones are taken into consideration for all events for scheduling performances at the best possible times for participating athletes. Athletes using public facilities for performances must communicate the times the facility is able to be accessed so C&DB can schedule their performance times during those hours. 

What type of camera setup or software is needed?

For the best video and audio experience, athletes should use a direct ethernet connection with a laptop, using a webcam with a high frame rate. 

What divisions are there?

For Dance divisions, currently C&DB is offering junior solo pom, junior solo hip hop, junior duo pom, junior duo hip hop, senior solo pom, and senior duo pom. Cheer & Dance Battles is currently offering over 34 Divisions of Individuals, group stunt and partner stunt.  A division list can be found above!

How many teams are in each division?

C&DB currently limits 8 athletes/duos/groups/teams per division. This Guarantees the Division format and allows for better competition. 

How does the head-to-head tournament style work? 

Each athlete/duo/team is randomly assigned a seed in the bracket for their respective division. Round 1 consists of 4 Battles. Round 2 consists of 2 Battles, where the winners of Round 1 compete to move on to the Championship Round (Round 3). The winner of Round 3 is the Division Winner for the Battle.

CDB Division Bracket.jpg

How does the judging work?

C&DB employs experienced international cheer and dance judges.

How do we know when we move forward in our bracket?

Athletes are notified through C&DB winner announcements between performances. The C&DB Coaches Liaison will notify participants in the virtual room to let them know who needs to prepare to perform in the next round.

What is the scoring system?

The score sheets are on the website. Dance solo scores are up to 90 points, duo scores are up to 100 points, and cheerleading scores are up to 60 points. Scores are final and there are no challenges.

Will we see the other participants we compete against?

Yes! All participants are in a virtual room together on the C&DB video performance platform.

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